Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toddler-Speak 101

We are enjoying this current phase of toddler speak, where almost every word is butchered, but at least we know what they mean most of the time. It's pretty darn cute :-)

The Chatty Cathy's

2012 Toddler Slang Dictionary
According to: Avery and Lauren

A-E = Avery

Why-A = Lauren (don't ask me how they got that one...but they both say it)

Tee-Tee = Taylor

Bubba = Brodie (they originally started calling him BoBo but we QUICKLY made them relearn it as Bubba...we just kept thinking of BoBo the clown!)

LoLo = Grandma Laurel ("Avery, who has chickens?" "LoLo!!")

Chee = Cheese (the most commonly requested food item in this household. Lauren requests it for literally every snack and meal.)

Ah-hee = "hot" anything, although usually in reference to hot dog. Again, how they got Ahi out of Hot, I do not know.
WaWa = self explanatory right?

Gobbee = Strawberry

BooBee = Blueberry

Nana = Banana

Shoes = Shoes...yay!

Yeg = Leg
Ahm = Arm

Mine = Man, also Mine

Yady = Lady

BuhBoon = Balloon

Beeg = Big

Elmo = Elmo :-)

Mo = More (usually Mo Mo, just to be sure we got the request for more!)

Bi = Bike, also Bite

Pay = Play

Plus the usual suspects...mama, dada, hi, bye, yeah, night night, booboo, nose, eye, up, down, off, on, uh-oh, baby, yay (always with clapping), and woah! the top of my head that's all I can think of but they pop up so fast now that I'm sure I'm missing some.

Oh wait...did I mention NO??? Most popular word in toddler history. Ever.

And, if an ear piercing shriek could be translated as a word, trust me I would put it at the top of the list. 'Cause shrieking is a beloved pastime for my girls. Sigh. I guess living through toddlerhood will just make the silence that I will eventually get to enjoy in the oh-so distant future all the more beautiful. Until then, my doting husband keeps me fully stocked up on earplugs :-)

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